January 2020 Newsletter

Help Our Kids & Save Money on Your Arizona Taxes!

The Arizona Extra-Curricular Activity Tax Credit is the way we fund our extra-curricular activities. This includes after-school sports, the after-school musical, arts programs, field trips, and more! If you, or anyone else you know, has Arizona State taxes taken from their paycheck or will owe State taxes this year, you can designate up to $200.00 for a single person, or $400.00 for a married couple of those taxes to go to the Academy.

Any Arizona taxpayer may participate. If you individually cannot participate this year, other family members, friends or coworkers can take advantage of this opportunity. This is not a donation. It costs you nothing. You will receive this back when you file your State taxes as a tax credit.

**Your contribution must be received by April 15th 2020 to receive a state tax credit for 2019 tax year.


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