April 2023 Newsletter

We have reached the countdown to our high stakes testing! All 3rd-8th grade students will participate in the computerized version of the AASA state assessment. Our 5th and 8th grade students will also take the computer version of the AZSCI Science assessment. We will start this process the first school day in April (Monday, April 3rd) with a fabulously fun testing Pep Rally. The teachers will be performing. Teachers will need your support so that your children do as well as they possibly can on the tests. Please check the calendar and ensure that your children are in attendance and on time on the days they will be testing. Students who must do make-up testing do not do as well as those who test with their class. We will do our best to maintain a positive environment on campus during testing. You can help by getting them to school every day on time. Be sure they are well rested and have a positive attitude. They will have many additional breaks throughout the day and will have no homework during testing time. We will provide every student who is testing with a good breakfast and snacks. Teachers may ask you to help with this by providing donations of breakfast foods and snacks. Together we can turn this testing into a positive experience.

Remind your children that they are ready for these tests and that you have confidence in their abilities to do well. That is, perhaps, the best thing you can do for your children during this critical assessment time. We believe in them and so should you. Thank you so much for your support.


Download April 2023 Newsletter from Our Principal (PDF)