November 2020 Newsletter

November is one of my favorite months of the year. The temperature is finally cool in the morning and beautiful during the day. The fall colors are in full swing and the holidays focused on family, gratitude, and caring are upon us. We have much to be grateful for here at Mesa Arts Academy. We have a wonderful, caring staff: from our janitor, our paraprofessionals, our office staff, to all of our teachers. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to work with all of them, and I know your children are in good hands. We have supportive parents and community, with a giving and engaged MAAPO at the forefront, to which we say thank you for all that you do to make Mesa Arts Academy the highly rated school it is today. And finally, we have incredible students who challenge themselves every day to learn and be engaged, as well as challenge us to become better people. They are why we are here every day!

We want to invite you to become more connected to Mesa Arts Academy. Please make sure our office has the correct email for you. You should receive email updates from us. If you don’t, then we want to make sure that you do. For some of you, it may be that your email settings block our messages. For others, it may be that we do not have accurate or updated information. Our website,, has contact information as well as calendars that you can use to help plan your year. We try to keep the website up to date with our Newsletters and important information throughout the year. We are on Facebook as well, and we post regular updates there. Please take a moment to like us on Facebook.

As I write this letter, our health data still requires us to continue with our hybrid. We will continue having Group A on Mondays/Tuesdays, and Group B on Wednesday/Thursdays. Friday will continue to be a virtual day. We will also continue to have on-site support Mon-Thurs, 7:15am – 3:30pm, and Fridays, 8:30am – 3:30pm.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Koperno


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